Hampshire Power: Monetizing Renewable Energy Assets

Hampshire Power: Monetizing Renewable Energy Assets

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Todd Ford, President and CEO, Hampshire Power Todd Ford, President and CEO
For over a decade, nations and corporations have been committing to clean energy initiatives to make the world more sustainable. In recent years, this goal has led to a rising investment in distributed energy resources such as solar PV, hydro, wind, and biomass. However, the present-day energy marketposes a host of challenges to business owners, solar developers, and support vendors. Commercial and Industrial business owners are confused and overwhelmed by a highly fragmented energy industry. Products and services are siloed, not optimized, and often require business owner management and expertise in aneraof decreasing budgets and limited time. Independent Power Producers (IPP) are locked into expensive and risky Community Shared Solar (CSS) monetization contracts that limit flexibility and project profitability over time. And Distributed Energy Resource (DER) developers and C&I vendors suffer from costly and inefficient customer acquisition and struggle to integrate their standalone resource with the customer’s comprehensive energy use and needs.

Against this backdrop, Hampshire Power, a vertically integrated retail electric supplier to Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers, is on a mission to simplify the value proposition and to maximize and monetize energy systems for renewable energy asset owners. Hampshire Power provides a fully integrated and managed ‘Energy as a Service’ solution that leverages revenue and savings into a single, simple financial statement and energy experience for the C&I customer.

In partnership with its sister company MassAmerican Energy, Hampshire Power can build, own and operate a wide array of distributed, renewable energy assets and optimize their deployment to serve the C&I customer with energy savings and new lines of revenue. “We deliver a curated marketplace of energy products and services to C&I consumers enabled by predictive analytics and aggressive leveraging of channel and product partnerships that build a long-term relationship with the customer,” says David Ellis, managing director of Hampshire Power. “Wedeliver much higher value as a retail electric supplier than any others in the market.”

Hampshire Power provides a comprehensive solution that links IPPs with C&I off takers and brings these customers to DER developers and service providers, proving maximum value to the C&I customer, maximum revenue and flexibility to the IPP, and an efficient and integrated customer acquisition for the DER developer and service providers.

We deliver a curated marketplace of energy products and services to C&I consumers enabled by predictive analytics and aggressive leveraging of channel and product partnerships that build a long-term relationship with the customer

C&I customers benefit from integrated energy and building solutions all working toward maximum revenue and savings. Likewise, IPPs benefit from integrated and flexible monetization service that provides regulatory expertise that can enhance and maximize revenue and bankability. And DER developers and C&I vendors benefit from lower customer acquisition costs, product optimization and integration, and analytic data to support sale.

According to Todd Ford, President and CEO of Hampshire Power, the way businesses get and use power in the U.S., is largely unchanged in the past 100 years. Hampshire Power is rewriting the rule book. “The opportunity is to employ data to simplify the customer experience and create a curated universe of products and solutions that maximize revenue and savings and adapt to future technology for sustained benefits,” says Ford.

As an ‘integrated energy as a service’ benefit corporation, Hampshire Power follows a unique model connecting C&I customers with IPPs and DER developers and C&I focused vendors. As a developer of solar PV, Hampshire Power can open a relationship with a customer by leasing a rooftop or parking lot for the development of a solar array and producing substantial lease revenue to the customer. Hampshire Power then layers in other products and services such as retail electricity supply, a community shared solar, HVAC services, and recommissioning.

A Massachusetts-based company, Hampshire Power strives to be at the forefront of servicing and helping customers monetize their renewable energy assets and aims to expand into New York, Maine, and Rhode Island. The company is currently testing IoT analytics software that will provide real-time insights into its customers’ energy consumption. This will allow the customer to make energy decisions based on data and will also provide real-time insight into energy use, thus reducing risk associated with serving retail electricity supply.

The company also intends to enhance its suite of renewable energy assets to better support its growing customer base of C&I clients. “Over the next year, we hope to close the circle on the different parts of the energy landscape that work collectively to create a true C&I focused, interconnected virtual power plant that drives down costs, creates resiliency, and enhances revenue,” concludes Ford.

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