Solar Optimum: Delivering Customer-Centric Solar Energy Systems

Solar Optimum: Delivering Customer-Centric Solar Energy Systems

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Arno Aghamalian, Founder & CEO, Solar OptimumArno Aghamalian, Founder & CEO
Today, the effects of climate change are well-known. At only 1.2 degrees Celsius of mean global surface warming, many of the aspects of climate change have already become apparent and are being described as the ‘harbinger of a climate breakdown.’

In the wake of this urgency, many entrepreneurs have risen to assume the role of a climate change advocate and one such maven is Arno Aghamalian—an award-winning innovator and visionary in the field of solar power technology.

Aghamalian was so committed to the concept of inexhaustible, clean energy resource that he volunteered to work as an unpaid apprentice for a solar power company to learn every aspect of the business. In 2008, he started his own venture with the establishment of Solar Optimum. Today, Aghamalian’s Solar Optimum has acquired the moniker of a preeminent installer of solar power systems in the U.S. In fact, Solar Optimum was recently ranked by Solar Power World Magazine as the #1 commercial developer in California (#7 overall in the U.S.) and #2 solar plus battery storage in California (#5 overall in the U.S.).

Solar Optimum specializes in offering solar energy solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial markets. “Our company’s overarching goal is to protect the environment using the most innovative solar technology available while maintaining long-term value for our clients,” states Aghamalian.

At its core, Solar Optimum offers top-tier solar panels and hybrid solar-plus-storage systems to its clients. To ensure the success of the solar power system, the company partners with the top energy manufacturers, such as Panasonic, LG, Enphase, SolarEdge, Unirac, and Tesla Energy. “The Solar Optimum staff goes through intense staff training regarding the manufacturer’s processes to ensure the system’s durability and efficiency of our projects,” says Aghamalian.

Our company’s overarching goal is to protect the environment using the most innovative solar technology available while maintaining long-term value for our clients

Solar Optimum energy consultants are trained on every aspect of the installation process so they can better understand the needs of their clients and thoroughly answer the client questions. And, when it comes to the actual installation process, Aghamalian notes, “The methodology is pretty simple, includes carefully listening to the clients’ needs and expectations and developing custom solutions that meet their energy goals.” However, Solar Optimum understands that the relationship that they share with their clients goes well beyond the installation. Therefore, Solar Optimum is always going the extra mile to ensure their systems perform effectively over the years, giving its clients an “energy peace of mind.”

To further substantiate the company’s prowess in the solar energy realm, Aghamalian recalls a case where his company formulated a strategy to easily integrate solar power systems with battery storage. “At that time, it was a new technology that was facing unforeseen challenges,” states the founder-CEO. Solar Optimum took it upon themselves to settle the setbacks. Solar Optimum worked with utilities and authority having jurisdictions (AHJs) to develop best practice methods that would allow companies to add this interphase with their systems to help manage their energy savings. In the end, Solar Optimum emerged with a ground-breaking solution to integrate battery storage with the solar panel system and paved the way for many others to implement the solar-plus-storage technology.

Displaying such inventiveness, the future of Solar Optimum looks promising. The company recently completed one of the largest commercial solar panel installations in the country. “We are ready to take up any challenging energy project that is difficult to design, engineer, and install,” says Aghamalian. This zealous attitude has allowed Solar Optimum to thrive over the past 10 years, and they wish to continue doing the same to retain their spot as a top-ranked solar energy provider.

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Solar Optimum

Solar Optimum

Glendale, CA

Arno Aghamalian, Founder & CEO

The company specializes in offering solar panel and solar plus storage system solutions to the commercial and residential markets. Solar Optimum has become a top player in the solar industry, including No.1 commercial solar installer and No.2 solar plus storage installer in California. When it comes to the U.S., Solar Optimum stands as No.5 solar plus storage installer and No.7 commercial developer. Apart from these top-notch rankings, what makes the company a double-take is its utmost focus on customer satisfaction. The company's trusted team of experts monitor the installed PV system at real-time to detect power or service interruption and rectify it beforehand. Through this prudent act, Solar Optimum fosters a philosophy, which it refers to as “Energy peace of mind